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When they tell you,

"The timing is wrong"
“We’re not in the right situation”
“This isn’t the right place”

Love does not set appointments.
Love has no location.

It’s always time. If it’s love, it’s always time.

Don’t let someone love you on their own terms.

Love is not a burden.

You are not a burden.

You are not a burden.

Walk away.

One day you will be someones all four seasons.

When they ask you why, don’t reply
Unless you have real words and
Don’t gesture with your hands all
Tied up behind your back, take it
As a sign that another language
Is dead. Build a new vocabulary
Around meaningless things, walk
Barefoot in the grass, and name
The blades that fail to cut you open
After the faces in your past that fail
To hold you back. Draw stick figures
In the sand, and don’t cry when they
Are washed away by the tide. They all
Leave, you knew they would leave.
When you watch the sunset, forget
Your name. Rename yourself after
The hue that suits you best, and
When they ask you why, don’t reply.
nfm, Self/Love (via modesofexpression)
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